Vast Video Ads

VAST is abbreviated as video ad severing template; it is introduced by IAB to serve video ads in online. The universal ad specification is divided into five versions and the latest version is VAST 3.0. The ad specification instructs the video player in showing up the ad, skipping the ad and to find the advertisement.Publisher can deliver vast video ads in vast compatible player.We shown demo using jwplayer.You can test in jwplayer tester,video js,epom,Zedo etc., vast validator

Vast Video ads plugins support for Vast 2.0,Vast 3.0,Skippable Video,Third party wrapper ads,Companion ads,Overlay image ads and Video Ad Pod

PreRoll Video ads

A pre-roll ad is a promotional video message that plays before the content the user has selected

MidRoll Video ads

Manage ad breaks in long videos. You can enable advertisements at the beginning of videos that you upload to your channel. When you upload longform videos (videos that are 10 minutes or longer), you can also enable ads during the middle of the video ("mid-roll"), not just at the beginning.

Post Roll Video ads

An online video commercial that appears at the end of an online video, it is typically :10 – :15 seconds.

Wrapper Video ads/Third party video ads

Wrapper Video ads we can display in pre/mid and post roll and Deliver third party vast video ads and tracking happen from both end(Third party and Revive adserver)

Overlay Image Ads

Overlay ads are 300x250 image ads that appear overlaid on the bottom of the JW video player. The overlay ad appears when user initiates video play.

Video Ad Pods

Video Ad pods support for internal and third party wrapper ads and Ad pod is a sequence of video ads as like TV ads and you can limit the no of video ads

Companion Ads

Companion ads are banners that are designed to be displayed near the video player. They stay visible after the accompanying pre/mid/post-roll video has played.

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